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Hey guys! How're tricks? Just said I'd check in and say hello to all the lovely people who friended me recently, you guys are stars!

So I recently drew some Dean/Cas for [ profile] chicklet25, as lj told me it was her birthday on the 25th and she's always a complete sweetheart to me on Twitter <3

I realised as I was colouring it that adding in bushes makes it look as though they're about to "get it on" in a park :|

I've been drawing a lot lately, but I haven't been posting much on lj. Sorry! I tend to just link it to people on twitter, which is where you'll find me most hours of the day or night! It has, however, mostly been porn. Panties for [ profile] obstinatrix, phone sex for [ profile] annundriel ... just sex in general for [ profile] nanoochka xD

I'm all excited about the help_japan auction <3 I hope I get some Dean/Cas shippers!

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Very nice :o) I love the color
I hope you get Dean/Cas shippers, too~

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I see what you did with the Orange underwear! =P

This is gorgeous and so sweet. Do you possibly have a DA page I can stalk follow?

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Mmmm, delicious. I'm fond of D/C outdoor sex, so the park setting works for me, lol <3

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Wahhh ;_______; with every piece you come up with I can see so much improvements in your works! The anatomy as always is great and I'm in love with how soft this piece feels. A-also do you mind if I have your twitter account? *u* I'd love to see more works from you! And yes bid Dean/Cas shippers bid mwahahahaha.

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Gaaaah, this is so sexy and gorgeous.
I've kindasorta got a giant girl-boner for Cas' hipbones here, they're perfect.
and the whole getting it on in a park thing just makes it even more delicious. :)

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Eep! Love this! And "the hips" made an appearance. More, please. I may have to follow you on twitter for more art.

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Well, my twitter handle is Kettlebag, if you do happen to stumble around that neck of the woods you say hello! <3
However, the sneaky way of finding my art, is keeping an eye on my scrapbook gallery! It's mostly porn, though >.>

Thank you! I love man-hips, I do!

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Duly bookmarked

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This is beautiful! :') I love the colours and shading and Dean's frecckkleeeeessss <3 Cas's trousers are also amazing!

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Thank you dear! hahaha I like to think that Cas would have a terrible fashion-sense <3

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In case you didn't see my tweet this morning, this is gorrrgeous. I'm sorry I missed this last night!

PS: Sorry for the spazzy email Saturday night. It was not a good night.
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Awww this looks so sweet C: