Hi there! I keep this journal friendlocked because there are things posted beyond this point that I'd rather certain people didn't see! So if you'd like to be friended, just say let me know! It's slash heavy, and also includes some real-life stuff.

I'm also found pretty easily elsewhere....well, that's a lie because I use different names on each site. So! For future reference!

Ass-Butt @ deviantArt

Squit-Head @ deviantArt (Currently Empty)

Kettlebag @ Twitter

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Hey guys! How're tricks? Just said I'd check in and say hello to all the lovely people who friended me recently, you guys are stars!

Dean/Cas, PG )
I put myself up for auction over on [ profile] help_japan just now, if you have the time please check it out! I'm offering Supernatural or Tron fanart~

If you don't have the money or means to donate, perhaps you should consider offering your services on there too! I donated my Asylum 7 fund on Saturday, it's in October so I have plenty time to save up again.

Anyway! Here's a link to my post, I'm hoping it won't be a huge flop, haha! Thank you for looking!

(PS- I have many, many things to post - Remember those free sketches? I just didn't think this was the post to do it in xD)
Making this entry public for a short amount of time :D

I had an epic fever last night, I was tripping balls in the most hilarious way possible. My brother said I was lying face down on the sofa talking going "Inception incepton inception oh my God, an upside down car!" then I started crying and said "All the other rabbits hate me, if only I could get my ears straight". Frankly, I think I jinxed myself considering I put up that post on New years about being so super healthy lately xD
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